Cut Flowers

At our gardens we grow more than 40 varieties of flowers and foliage to supply our Flower Shop. We grow high volumes of flowers and foliage throughout all seasons enabling us to sell you fresh cut flowers direct through our Flower Shop. 

We are moving into the Summer flower season. In store the shop is bursting with lots of colour. We are picking large volumes of beautiful Sun Flowers, Bird of Paradise, Statice, Calla lily, Caspea and Spray Carnations. The first of the Regal Christmas Lilies and gypsophila have started with more volumes to come. We are also picking lots of lovely new growth eucalyptus, dense fence and viburnums. 

Please call us at the shop 06 3573320 and we can talk though availability of what we have in store and whether you would like us to mix together for your vase at home or if you wish to take the cut flowers as bunches.

We can have them ready at a particular time for collection or delivered to your home.

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